Ion Exchangers, Filters, Softeners, & Separators

South Gate Engineering produces exceptional filtration and separation systems –  experience and ability to scale make our solutions economical and effective.

Ion Exchanger vessels are used in the process of purification, separation and decontamination of aques and other ion containing solution with use of solid ion exchange media. Ion exchangers have been used in water and waste water applications for removal of Nitrogen, Heavy metals and total dissolve solids for many years.

All South Gate Engineering Ionexchanger vessels are built in strict conformance to A.S.M.E  and/or customer specifications. South Gate Engineering’s ability to paint and line tanks in house,  allows for freight savings especially on large tanks. South Gate Engineering also can manufacture your internals and install after lining and painting to ship completed unit.

Markets Served:
Aerospace, Biofuel/Bioenergy (includes Ethanol), Chemical Processing, Food and Beverage, Hospital, Hospitality, Municipal, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical/Med Devices, Plastics/Coatings, Power & Cogeneration, Pulp & Paper, Semiconductor/Electronics, Water Treatment/Waste Water Treatment