Industrial Autoclaves

Industrial Autoclave design is driven by various safety standards, foremost among which is the ASME Pressure Vessel Code. The ASME code requires, in addition to very conservative design of the vessel and its fittings, the installation of a code-stamped safety valve set at the design pressure. South Gate Engineering has deep experience in the execution and safety requirements of Industrial Autoclave design and development.

An autoclave applies both heat and pressure to the workload placed inside of it. Typically, there are two classes of autoclave. Those pressurized with steam process workloads which can withstand exposure to water, while circulating heated gas provides greater flexibility and control of the heating atmosphere. Industrial Autoclaves are used in Manufacturing of composite, Glass, Cement, Vulcanizing, Food Processing, and Medical Waste Treatment.

All South Gate Engineering tanks are built in strict conformance to A.S.M.E and/or customer specifications.

Markets Served: Aerospace, Food and Beverage, Hospital, Semiconductor/Electronics, Plastics/Coatings, Pharmaceutical/Med Devices