Deaerator / Degasifier

South Gate Engineering can create complete Aeration and Degasifier Systems to meet your strict requirements. We have extensive experience in Biofuel/Bioenergy (includes Ethanol), Chemical Processing, Petroleum, Power & Cogeneration Industries.

A degasser is a vessel (or can be a cyclonic device) used for separation of gas from a fluid. Typical applications are for removing entrained gas from produced oil or water. Vacuum Degassing is another method of removing gas from liquid using vacuum and distributing liquid over packing media that increases surface air to aid in extraction.

A Deaerator is a device for oxygen and CO2 removal and is used to remove gases from boiler feedwater to make it non-corrosive. A low pressure steam is used both as a gas stripping and heating medium to raise temperature of water .

All South Gate Engineering Deaerator and Degasifiers are built in strict conformance to A.S.M.E and/or customer specifications. South Gate Engineering’s ability to paint and line tanks in house, allows for freight savings especially on large tanks.