South Gate Engineering has in house abrasive blasting capabilities to properly prepare surface substrates as required for any of the following linings and coatings. South Gate Engineering can also offer glass bead blasting of other materials. We follow SSPC, NACE & ASTM standards for all storage, preparation, mixing, application, and testing. We can also meet customer requirements such as NSF 61, FDA, AWWA.

South Gate Engineering, LLC offers a wide variety of tank linings to suit many different applications. Below is a partial list of linings available:


Cold Water Epoxy: This polyamide epoxy is also applied by spraying all internal surfaces of the vessels. With years of excellent field history as a coating for storing potable water in vessels, this epoxy is an excellent choice for commercial and domestic water applications. We strongly recommend this NSF 61 and AWWA D 102 approved coating on any water application operating at less than 72 degrees F.

Durament Cement: This lining is an excellent coating for water storage tanks and hot water generators. Durament is a low soluble hydraulic cement mixture with special bonding agents added. Durament is formulated with the same coefficient of expansion as the steel tank shell, and as such, is unaffected by extreme temperature changes. This lining is also approved for use under military specifications.

Hot Dip Galvanizing: This coating is applied by dipping the equiptment into hot molten solution of zinc in order to form a zinc coating that is metalurgically bonded to the steel’s surface. The zinc coating protects against corrosion by providing protection to the steel in two ways: it shields the base metal from the contents, and because it is more electronegative than steel, the zinc gives cathodic or sacrificial protection.

Zinc-Epoxy Lining: This 90% solids, zinc-rich epoxy lining provides corrosion protection superior to hot-dipped galvanizing. It has a 15-year field history in the water filtration industry with excellent results. The material is sprayed to a thickness of 2-5 mils. It is non-toxic when dry and gives excellent high temperature and abrasion resistance.

Vinyl Ester: This vinyl ester resin epoxy with inert flake pigment has outstanding chemical and physical properties. It is a thick film lining which was design for resistance to severe service exposure and is very abrasive resistant. It meets 21 CFR 175.300 and 177.2420. When force cured at 200 deg F for four hours, it also meets NSF standard 61 for cold potable water. This is a favorite for offshore sea water or brine applications as well as for vessels containing filtration media such as carbon due to its abrasion resistance.


South Gate Engineering, LLC offers a wide variety of tank coatings to suit many different applications. Below is a partial list of coatings available:

DTM Water Reducible Coating: Our DTM coating provides corrosion protection at a most economical price. This is our standard external coating for commercial and light industrial applications. DTM coating is used exclusively on our stock hot water storage tanks and provides corrosion protection for insulated tanks.

Zinc Primer: Our standard zinc primer can be used as a standalone paint for industrial application where cosmetics are not an issue or can be applied as a primer to provide excellent galvanic protection beneath our high solids epoxy to provide superior protection against corrosion.

High Solids Epoxy: Our high solids epoxy provides excellent corrosion protection in adverse and varied service conditions. It also meets the requirements of AWWA C 210 for external paint not in contact with potable water. This external coating is ideal for commercial and industrial applications for indoor applications or for severe external service when a top coat of polyurethane is applied.

Polyurethane Finish: South Gate Engineering can apply an aliphatic acrylic polyurethane finish coat to provide excellent resistance to ultra-violet exposure for outdoor applications. Polyurethane can also be applied when cosmetic appearance is most critical such as applications in the pharmaceutical, food or beverage markets. Polyurethane can be applied in a gloss or semi-gloss finish in a color suited for your particular installation.

Three Coat Off-Shore: This is the most rigorous system which includes a coat of zinc primer, followed by a coat of high solids epoxy and a final coat of polyurethane paint. This system stands up to the most severe services such as locations outdoors in chemical plants or refineries as well as offshore installations where protection against salt water is critical. The zinc provides galvanic protection, the high solids epoxy provides resistance to chemicals while the polyurethane provides a barrier which is resistant to abrasion, chemical fumes, wet conditions or outdoor weathering.

High Temperature Zinc: This is a standard inorganic zinc rich primer/finish used to provide corrosion and galvanic protection in high temperature applications. This coating has excellent bonding characteristics and provides corrosion protection for dry continued services up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an excellent choice for an external coating for process equipment that will be insulated in the field for high temperature applications.

Foam Insulation: South Gate Engineering offers a spray on foam insulation that is applied 2″ thick which provides ASHRAE R-16 insulation qualities. A top coat of polyurethane sealer is applied as a finish coat to provide protection against sunlight/weathering and to provide an appealing gloss white color.

Fiberglass Insulation: South Gate Engineering can provide a calcium free glass insulation to provide a thermal barrier for a most energy efficient design while also providing personal protection in low to medium temperature applications. An exterior jacket is provided to hold the insulation in place, to protect the insulation and to provide an appealing exterior barrier.